Elm View, 1 Bishops Road, Cleeve, Bristol, BS49 4NQ

The Wood Shed Content

We built The Wood Shed in 2012 from the foundations up, using 11,000 reclaimed natural stone clay bricks and 'lias' bricks for the gable end which were found on site.  It was a largescale project that took around 11 weeks to complete, but our three-man team enjoyed working together and we all agreed that it was incredible seeing it in various stages of 'the build'. 

Wayne Brooks completed the amazing stonework you can see at the gable end, Paul Croker our carpenter built all the 10 x 5 A-frames from pine. Once these were made we were able to construct the roof and relay the pantiles, which is a type of fired roof tile, made from clay. Andy Pearce laid the 11,000 reclaimed bricks (of pale colour) that you can see in the pictures. 

An interesting fact about the bricks we used is that the natural Lias stone bricks that were used on the gable end, had been used for the foundation stones of a Victorian piggery that was on the site a few hundred years ago and had been worn smooth from hooves, feet and cartwheels. The bricks would have been taken up from the local area and laid in the ground instead of using concrete footing as we do now and then brick walls would have been built on top to form the pig pens. 

The building is now used as a workshop, woodshed and garden machinery store.  

We also built a walled garden, courtyard and paving using 30,000 reclaimed bricks from the local area.