Elm View, 1 Bishops Road, Cleeve, Bristol, BS49 4NQ

Outdoor Kitchen & Shower

We were contacted by Woodcock Farm in Old Sodbury and asked to design and build a fully-functional outdoor cooking area that can easily accommodate up to four people as well as an outdoor shower. 

Timberdoodle Geodome stands proud on a hill in the woods and has stunning views of Wales and the Severn Valley. Woodcock requested that the kitchen and shower be kept in theme to compliment the natural surroundings. So, Andy designed the kitchen and shower based on inspiration he'd taken from the Balinese way of washing and cooking. 

Andy started work on digging out the level footing and building the substantial frame, for the 8m x 8m decking that he had built to go on top, to support the Geodome. Then he started work on building the timber frames made from treated softwood. Once the timber frames were up and in place, he built the kitchen worktops using re-purpose oak floorboards, and used re-purpose double glazed units for the windows, to keep the kitchen warm and the wind out. Once the kitchen was built Andy then built the hot gas-fired open-air shower and composting toilet.