Elm View, 1 Bishops Road, Cleeve, Bristol, BS49 4NQ

Art Studio

Our customer is an artist and wanted a space where she can teach pupils and also use it to entertain friends. It had to be light and bright and a practical space, so we cut a doorway and window through the garden wall to give the client easy access from the house and to gain some additional natural light.

The internal woodwork was left unpainted because our customer loved the smell of the pine!  The floor is non-slip and washable. There is a double stainless steel sink which is plumbed into the mains and there is a 32amp electrical supply with sockets and lights. As the cabin is insulated a small electric convection heater is all that is needed to keep the space warm.

If you're interested in us building an art studio or similar type of space for you, get in touch with on 07711 938904. Or fill out our Contact Us form here www.hideandreside.co.uk/contact