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What it's really like living off-grid

I don’t think it matters if you are young or old but to have a break from the electronic world that we live in can be a rejuvenating experience.

Personally, I have opted for an old fashioned phone and I don’t want the hassle of emails etc during my working day. I’m happy to connect with that in the evening when I’m home from work, but I don’t need the disruption during the day

When I get to the cabin it’s as though all my worries melt away. I can honestly say when I get there and probably for 3-4 days, I don’t think about anything in the outside world. I just exist in a parallel universe.

The scale of concerns while at the cabin is totally different...

Do I have enough water and supplies?

Do I have enough dry kindling to light the fire?

Is there enough fire woodcut and dried?

Will the wood burner stay on overnight?

Will I get raindrops in my frying pan! 😄

Between chores and cups of tea sat by the campfire you can easily while away a whole day without looking at the time. Time literally means nothing. No rules, no scheduled meal times, no, I have to be in bed by..because I have work tomorrow. Camp time is totally different. I usually wake up at dawn which is around 3.30-4.00am in the summer, but the advantage of this is that you can listen to the beauty of the dawn chorus when the little birds sing their hearts out and then go back to sleep. The dawn chorus varies throughout the year, springtime is the best. The chorus at dusk on a winter night can be very relaxing with the blackbirds ‘chinking’ at roasting time the odd owl hooting. 

Nighttime sounds vary; I have a grass roof on the cabin so if it rains it’s a very gentle soft drumming sound which is very soothing. The owls are most active around Christmas time with their mating calls and I really enjoy listening to them. If you're lucky you'll hear a fox call, the rabbits scurrying around the cabin and maybe a cock pheasant alarmed at some noise that humans can't hear. 

At the cabin, I’m usually ready for bed two hours before I would be at home. Your body clock has slowed right down, you have done some physical labour, enjoyed some fresh air in your lungs and you probably have a lower heart rate because of the change in pace.

For me the best part of the day is the evening when I can retire to the cabin, enjoy the warmth of the stove. I like it warm, you can get in shed some layers and warm right up. I love to finish the day by reading a book in bed until my arms fall off. If I could get off the ‘ merry-go-round’ tomorrow and shirk all my responsibilities and move into a cabin the woods and live off-grid I would not have a care in the world

My main motivation for getting up is to put a brew on. This is harder in the winter for sure when you’re trying to light the campfire in the rain as I do all my cooking outdoors. 

Another real treat is when I get up to make a brew, go for an early walk and maybe look for some deer. I'll head back to camp and cook breakfast and then go back to bed and sleep for two hours! Who’s to stop you!

Depending on how adventurous you are with your cooking you can enjoy meals you would not normally have time to at home. Things like kippers, because at home you would ‘stink’ the house out. Slow-cooked stews and roasts. Foil baked mackerel or trout. And obviously, a grand old fry up for breakfast. 👍🏽

I think the best breakfast I've experienced is when two brothers came to stay, Josh and Jack. We each had a piece of crispy toast topped with peppers and tomatoes and an egg. Duck fat pan-fried potatoes, crispy artisan cured bacon and a large field mushroom each. Amazing….















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